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An episode by episode review of the hit show Veronica Mars.

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The Mars Effect - Episode #07, The Girl Next Door

Welcome one and all to yet another wonderful episode of The Mars Effect, in which we will talk about red herrings, domestic disputes, and the inevitability of fate. Or something like that. Really, it's mostly just about a dog in a little sailor suit. But then, shouldn't everything on the internet be?
Love, Kim and Andrew


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The Mars Effect - Episode #06, Return of the Kane

Never fear, gentle listeners! Episode 6 is alive and well, albeit a week late. So rejoice in the excellence as we discuss "Return of the Kane," the episode that revels in one of the classic Veronica Mars episode types: Veronica Looks Up to Someone, So They Must Die Or Betray Her. Thrill to the rise of Duncan Kane's political career, discover that Logan Echolls is actually a real character with feelings and stuff, and rest assured that our next episode will be out on time. Probably.


Kim and Andrew


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We're having technical difficulties with episode 6; it might be up  a little late, but it will be up. Rest assured that we'll squeeze in a little extra awesome to make up for it.


Kim and Andrew

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