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An episode by episode review of the hit show Veronica Mars.

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The Mars Effect - Episode #12, Clash of the Tritons

Welcome once again, Mars Effect people, to another fine episode. Today we discuss "Clash of the Tritons," the harrowing tale of a young woman framed for a crime she did not commit, leading her down into an ancient conspiracy as she is forced to the outskirts of society in her crusade for her own personal brand of street justice...served ice cold.

Or, you know, something like that.


Kim and Andrew

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The Mars Effect - Episode #11, Silence of the Lamb

Welcome back, Mars Effectlings! You will be happy to know that today's episode covers all facets of human behavior, from mistaken identity to deranged serial murder, from agonizing family pathos to heart-stopping action! That's about all one could reasonably ask for in any medium of entertainment, no?

What? On time? Regular schedule? No, that doesn't ring a bell.


Kim and Andrew

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