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An episode by episode review of the hit show Veronica Mars.

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The Mars Effect - Episode #15, Ruskie Business

Happy Valentine's Day, Mars Effecties! To prove how much we love you, we bring you a brand spanking new episode: swoon as we discuss Veronica's attempts to play Cupid, the cuteness of Meg, and the horrendous hilarity of Eighties pop culture. So grab a bowl of candy hearts, sit back, and try not to choke on all that love that's in the air.

Love (love love love love),

Kim and Andrew

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The Mars Effect - Episode #14, Mars vs. Mars

Bienvenidos, followers of the one true Mars Effect! You're just in time to catch our latest episode, chock full of father-daughter rivalry, chess-piece names, teen pregnancy, blue dye, randy text messages, and seductive school teachers! That, and part two of our award-winning series "Veronica Looks Up to Someone, So They Must Die Or Betray Her."


Kim and Andrew

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The Mars Effect - Episode #13, Lord of the Bling

Bon jour, Mars Effect... listeners (well, you try coming up with a new term of endearment every time!) Today's episode marks a dark day in the history of the Mars Effect; we disagree fundamentally on the value of the episode's A-plot! Luckily, to take away the sting of our bitter rivalry we also expose our mutual ignorance of rap culture and celebrate the rise of the single greatest comedic phrase in the history of television, podcasting, and indeed all mankind. You'll know it when you hear it.


Kim and Andrew

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