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An episode by episode review of the hit show Veronica Mars.

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The Mars Effect - Episode #17, Kanes and Abel's

Hello again, Mars Effected! Today's episode brings you the three things we know you want from a Mars Effect episode: ruminations on class warfare, unusual pizza toppings, and everyone's favorite scumbag private investigator singing Hall & Oates! If those don't happen to be the three things you want from a Mars Effect episode, well...listen anyway. There's probably something else in there we forgot.


Kim and Andrew

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The Mars Effect - Episode #16, Betty and Veronica

Howdy, Mars-Effecterinos! Just to prove how much we love you, we're giving you an extra special episode* chock-full of Archie Comics references, kidnapped mascots, and wanton destruction of tricked out vans, plus the schmaltziest ending in Veronica Mars history. Mwah!


Kim and Andrew

*Specialness not guaranteed

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