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Greetings, people of Mars! We've got an action-packed episode for you today: a father longs to be reunited with his daughter, a son longs to stop being reunited with his father, an election hangs in the balance, and a rat hangs under a bus seat (spoiler alert!). If you listen to it, we promise to say amusing things in it that will make you smile.*


Kim and Andrew

*Or your bandwidth back!

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Hey ho, Martinis! TV psychics! Jealous ghosts! Deadbeat dads! All of these and more can be yours for the low, low price of an hour and a half spent listening to the Effect! And while you listen, celebrate our return to our normal biweekly release schedule.

Unless we accidentally release the wrong episode again.

Which definitely won't happen. Ever.


Kim and Andrew

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Happy new year, Martian children! Because you've all been so good, we've decided to release our next episode ahead of schedule! Or maybe it's to make up for all those times we posted late back in Season 1!

Or maybe we actually posted this episode by mistake last week and just realized it now...

If you've already grabbed our previous episode (which at that point was this episode), please go back and re-download to get the real episode #25 (iTunes users might have to un- and re-subscribe to get it). If you haven't, first go listen to that, and then strap in for a rollicking tale of jealousy, celebrity, and unfinished family business so good you'll want to listen to it twice! You know, even if you didn't already have to...

Love (and apologies),

Kim and Andrew

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