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An episode by episode review of the hit show Veronica Mars.

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Salutations, House of Mars. Please find enclosed one (1) episode of the Mars Effect in which Veronica sees ghosts, Logan and Wallace learn about the power of friendship, and everyone else goes home sick. If you are not completely satisfied...well, at least it was free.


Kim and Andrew

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UPDATE: After a few false starts, we finally have the correct file uploaded. Please redownload to get your hands on it.

Well, greetings, Marsmen (and -women). Due to some technical difficulties, we weren't able to get this episode up last week, but that doesn't change the fact that it's chock-full of good stuff, whatever that means: Weevil and Veronica set out to solve a murder, Logan meets the mayor, and then everyone dances. So nothing out of the ordinary, really.

And as usual, we promise we'll never be late again until next this time.

Love (with interest),

Kim and Andrew

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