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An episode by episode review of the hit show Veronica Mars.

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Well Mars Effect listeners, this is it. After almost three years, sixty-six episodes, and slightly fewer delays, we've finally reached the last episode of the Mars Effect. We'd be honored to have you join us as we talk about the DVD special features for Season 3 of Veronica Mars and wrap up our feelings on the series as a whole.

There are so many people we want to thank: the creators, cast, and crew of Veronica Mars for giving us a way to spend our time; our editor, John, without whom this labor of love would have been a lot more labor than love; Colin Bovberg, the Epic Weatherman, for our wonderfully catchy theme song; and of course you, our fans.

Without you, we never would have gotten all the way through this adventure. We owe you a debt, and we hope you've had as much fun with the Mars Effect as we have.

You know, all three of you.

Love (and we mean it),

Kim and Andrew:

Our happy hosts

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